Moroccan Azilal Vintage Rug, Tribal Berber Carpet 3’5″ x 5’5″ – Wassila


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Authentic rug fully handmade from 100% Natural hand-spun wool. Hand-knotted by the Berbers women of tribes in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

These rugs originated in the province of Azilal in Morocco. All the colors come from vegetable dyes only. These rugs have become very popular due to their very colorful designs. Your creative self is going to fall in love with these rugs!

  • Length: 5’5″ (165 cm)

  • Width: 3’5″ (105 cm)

  • Style: Tribal Vintage Rug

  • Weave: Hand-Knotted

  • Origin: Khemisset, Morocco

  • Material: Wool, Cotton

Vintage rugs may show signs of age and some wear. These may include repaired tears, un-repaired tears, small holes, fading, fraying and small stains, etc. These details are a part of each rug’s unique history and add to its unique character, incredible beauty, and value.


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