Kilim Moroccan Rug Ottoman Style Vintage 8′ x 15’1″ – Othman


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Traditional style vintage Moroccan kilim rug. Oriental Ottoman Style.

Moroccan Kilim rugs are known for their intricate latticework. Rugs are flat-woven which means they are much thinner because there is no pile. People also buy these rugs to mount on walls as fine art.

  • Length: 15’1″ (460 cm)

  • Width: 8′ (245 cm)

  • Style: Oriental Rug

  • Material: Cotton, velvet

Vintage textiles may show signs of age and some wear. These may include repaired tears, un-repaired tears, small holes, fading, fraying and small stains, etc. These details are a part of each textile’s unique history and add to its unique character, incredible beauty, and value.


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